Boebert: Biden’s ‘Open Border Policy Is a Policy of DEATH’

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

( – Based on the information accumulated by sheriffs along the southern border of the United States of America and reported by The Washington Examiner, United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, declared in a tweet today that “Joe Biden’s open border policy is a policy of DEATH.”

The Washington Examiner is reporting in “699 migrant border deaths under Biden’s watch: Sheriffs”:

Nearly 700 migrants trying to reach the United States have died from drowning or dehydration at the border since President Joe Biden entered the White House, according to border sheriffs.

“In data provided exclusively to Secrets, law enforcement from 33 counties in Texas and Arizona said they have found 699 bodies of migrants since January 2021.

“‘Cartels are using our southern border as a revolving door for death,’ outgoing National Sheriffs’ Association President Vernon Stanforth said at the group’s recent convention in Kansas City.” [emphasis added]

Tragically, the total number of deaths is almost certainly far higher.

“A law enforcement source said the death count is just beginning. “That’s just the numbers we’ve compiled. Many counties responded with data. Several others are too inundated with border challenges to respond, but we expect a more expansive report in months ahead,” said the source.” [emphasis added]

Here is Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s statement based on The Washington Examiner’s article:

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