BOMBSHELL: Biden Officials Targeted Red States

Red light

( – In politicized scrutiny seeking ammunition against the GOP in an election year, it has been unveiled that the Biden administration targeted Republican-led states in audits concerning their Medicaid programs.

Notably, while the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) audits were focused on states like Florida, Texas, and Missouri, similar practices in Democrat-led states, such as California, were overlooked.

This revelation is based on nearly 3,000 pages of emails and records obtained by Government Accountability & Oversight, a Wyoming-based nonprofit and government watchdog.

The watchdog group says that these documents indicate a politically motivated targeting, particularly against Florida at a time when Governor Ron DeSantis emerged as a potential challenger to Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race.

Chris Horner, an attorney for the watchdog group, stated that the CMS’s actions represent a “weaponization” of federal oversight, coinciding with DeSantis’s rising political profile and growing concern within Democratic circles about his candidacy.

The audits revolve around how states fund Medicaid through taxes on medical providers to attract federal matching dollars. CMS asserts that private agreements between providers in states like Florida are akin to illegal “hold harmless” arrangements, a claim disputed by state health officials and healthcare industry leaders.

These private arrangements allow the redistribution of Medicaid dollars among providers, which is vital for hospitals, especially those with fewer Medicaid patients but higher Medicaid taxes.

The controversy stems from CMS’s attempts to enforce its interpretation of Medicaid funding rules, particularly with its 2019 Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Regulation (MFAR).

The MFAR faced bipartisan opposition and was eventually abandoned by the Trump administration. However, the CMS under the Biden administration renewed efforts to scrutinize these arrangements, focusing on select states.

Government Accountability & Oversight, which has been advocating for transparency in government, argues that CMS’s selective enforcement against Republican-led states is politically motivated. This speculation is fueled by the CMS’s decision to renew its efforts in auditing states that were politically significant or troublesome to the administration.

Despite these allegations, legal challenges have stalled CMS’s enforcement efforts. States like Texas and Florida have filed lawsuits, arguing that CMS’s reinterpretation of the hold-harmless provision is invalid and conflicts with federal statutes.