BOMBSHELL: GOP Wants Her ‘Vacated’ (video)

( – Simmering discontent inside the GOP has now boiled over as significant Republican figures have openly demanded the resignation of Republican National Committee (RNC) head Ronna McDaniel after the party lost Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Kentucky and a ballot measure vote in Ohio.

The calls for McDaniel to step down came after a disappointing performance for the GOP, particularly marked by a significant loss in Kentucky, where Democrat Governor Andy Beshear was reelected over the Trump-endorsed Daniel Cameron.

The election results were a mix for the Republicans, with Democrats securing notable wins in Virginia and Ohio.

Virginia saw Democrats gaining control of the General Assembly, while in Ohio, a ballot measure that advocates interpret as a “right” to abortion was approved by voters, embedding it in the state constitution.

However, the night wasn’t entirely grim for the GOP. Republican Governor Tate Reeves celebrated reelection in Mississippi, and in an unexpected twist, Republican Jay Ruais triumphed in the mayoral race in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Amidst these outcomes, some prominent Republicans, such as former Governors Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and Chris Christie of New Jersey, along with supporters of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are attributing the losses to the influence of former President Donald Trump.

Yet, a significant number of party members are directing their dissatisfaction at McDaniel, with outspoken calls for her to relinquish her position, Breitbart News reports.

“What, exactly, does Ronna McDaniel do, besides lose? The only thing she SHOULD do is RESIGN. Effective immediately,” commented Monica Crowley, a notable figure among conservatives, in a social media post.

The Gateway Pundit, a conservative media outlet, labeled McDaniel as “totally useless,” urging her to resign in light of the election outcomes.

“She has done nothing to this day to secure our elections from voter fraud, registration fraud, and mail-in ballot fraud,” the outlet stated.

The discourse intensified with commentators like John Solomon and Steve Bannon spotlighting McDaniel’s leadership, which spurred others to join the chorus of criticism.

The mounting pressure reflects a broader debate within the party about its direction and leadership as Republicans navigate the evolving political landscape, the report observes.