BOMBSHELL: NYPD Facing ‘Full-Blown Staffing Emergency’

NYPD Officers

( – Like many law enforcement agencies across the United States of America, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is seeing a huge number of sworn officers quit the department.

With the current number of officers leaving approaching 4,000, the department is now facing a “full-blown staffing emergency.”

As Newsmax is reporting in “NYPD on Pace for Over 4,000 Quits: ‘Full-Blown Staffing Emergency’“:

“The mass exodus from the New York Police Department continues, as pension fund data shows 3,054 officers have filed retirement paperwork putting it on a pace for more than 4,000 to leave the NYPD this year.

“That number would dwarf the 3,846 departures in 2002, the first full year after the 9/11 terror attacks left 24 NYPD officers dead, the New York Post reported.

‘We keep ringing the alarm bell louder and louder, and every month the numbers get worse,’ Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told the Post. ‘We have gone from a staffing problem to a staffing crisis, and now to a full-blown staffing emergency.’ [emphasis added]

Why are a record number of cops quitting the profession?

Crime and cost of living have combined for an overarching exodus from New York City, according to retired NYPD detective Michael Alcazar, who is now an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

‘New York has become Dodge City — and those who can are getting out of Dodge — and not just the cops,’ Alcazar told the Post.” [emphasis added]

As mentioned above, this is a growing problem across the country. And, as one expert told us, if it’s not addressed soon, many communities will see crime spiral out of control.