[BOMBSHELL Video] FBI Made Facebook Censor Hunter’s Laptop Story

Mark Zuckerberg

(RightIsRight.co) – In a stunning admission to popular podcaster Joe Rogan, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now admits that, at the request of the FBI, Facebook took steps during the 2020 Presidential Election to suppress stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop which make it all but certain the election was skewed toward Joe Biden and away from Donald Trump.

You can watch the video of Zuckerberg’s admission to Rogan further down this post.

As National Review frames what happened in “Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story ahead of 2020 Election“:

Facebook suppressed stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election after the FBI told the company they should look out for Russian “misinformation,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told podcast host Joe Rogan Thursday.

“The “distribution” of the bombshell report was suppressed on Facebook for “five or seven” days when it was being determined if the laptop was real, Zuckerberg said, but users could still “share it.”

Facebook engineers downgraded the report within the platform’s “ranking and newsfeed” features, so “fewer people saw it than would have otherwise,” he said.” [emphasis added]

And Zuckerberg admits what Facebook did to suppress the story made an impact.

Asked how many fewer users saw the story as a result of the suppression, Zuckerberg said he couldn’t provide an exact number but offered that the effect was ‘meaningful.'” [emphasis added]

Here is the video of Zuckerberg’s admission to Rogan: