Border Agents Encountering Terrorists?!

Border agent

( – In the face of an alarming security breach prompted by the Biden administration, recent revealing reports from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security brought the critical issue of border security to the forefront.

Former Representative Mike Rogers, currently a candidate for the U.S. Senate to represent Michigan, expressed grave concerns about the growing number of individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist attempting to enter the United States through the southern border.

Speaking on Newsmax’s “National Report,” Rogers blamed this troubling trend on the lax policies enacted by the Biden administration.

Rogers emphasized the risks associated with the current border situation, stating, “When you encourage people to come up through the southern border without consequence this is what you get.”

Rogers also raised the alarm about the potential dangers of individuals with ties to terrorism infiltrating the country. He highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the extent of the problem, noting, “We have no idea how many people are coming in that are on the terrorist watchlist. If there is one in the batch maybe there’s more.”

His comments reflect a growing concern about the broader implications of the current border policies. According to Rogers, the message being sent to the world is that individuals can easily cross the border and settle comfortably in the United States, a perception drawing people from diverse nations, including Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela.

Statistics from the Department of Homeland Security underscore the seriousness of the situation. In fiscal year 2023, Customs and Border Protection apprehended 160 migrants whose identities matched those on the Terrorist Screening Dataset at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The figure represents a significant increase from the 100 individuals apprehended in fiscal year 2022, indicating a rising trend in potential security threats at the border. Rogers pointed out that this data should be a cause for concern for all Americans, highlighting the urgent need for effective border security measures.