Border Patrol Source: 40,000 Illegals Headed This Way

Illegal Aliens

( – Convoys of tens of thousands of illegal aliens have gathered in Southern Mexico and are heading for the United States, fueling further the illegal alien influx, a report has revealed.

One of the convoys of some 30,000 illegal immigrants has formed in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

The other, numbering 10,000–15,000 illegal aliens, came together in the state of Oaxaca, according to a source from the US Customs and Border Protection agency cited by Breitbart News.

The source quoted an internal CBP document distributed to US Border Patrol agents through an official email, warning them that tens of thousands of additional illegal immigrants are headed America’s way.

Chiapas, the Mexican state where the larger convoy is presently located, is on the border with the Central American nation of Guatemala.

Even though the CBP document didn’t discuss the illegal immigrants’ destination, it is clear that would be the United States, where nearly 6 million illegals have arrived, including over 1 million as gotaways, since Joe Biden became president 23 months ago.

The Border Patrol alert noted that the thousands of migrants were seeking travel documents from the Mexican government so they could legally move north, that is, towards the US-Mexican border.

If Mexico’s INM (“National Institute of Migration”) refuses to issue them papers, they would be forced to move through the country illegally, thus facing the risk of law enforcement action against them.

According to the same internal CBP document, the smaller convoy of up to 15,000 illegals in Mexico’s Oaxaca might be moving toward America already.

The alert said the entire convoy might be going to Juarez, Chihuahua, and from there to El Paso, Texas, the Democrat-run border city, which just declared a state of emergency over the recent spike in the migrant influx.

The US Border Patrol is struggling to process illegal migrant arrivals to the El Paso sector of the Southern Border as it is.

More than 7,400 illegals came to the border city over the past weekend, with an average of over 2,400 arrivals per day in the past week. About 1,400 are released daily into El Paso, a city of 700,000.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has contracted air transport to other border communities to relieve El Paso of some of the illegal immigration burden.

In recent weeks, ICE Air Operations has used multiple flights to move illegals to Laredo, Texas, and Harlingen, Texas. Over the past week, there were also at least five flights from El Paso to San Diego, California.

The additional convoys of illegal immigrants forming in Mexico will worsen further the migrant crisis at the Southern Border, according to the source. 16,000-18,000 illegals are expected in the US per day after the termination of Title 42, the Trump-era policy for swift expulsion, on December 21.

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