BREAKING: 2nd Manifesto of Grocery Store Killer Located; 589 Pages

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( – BREAKING NOW: In a revealing development that may assist police and prosecutors to better understand the motive and plans of Payton Gendron, the 18-year-old man accused of killing ten and wounding three more at a Buffalo, New York, grocery store on Saturday, a second document has been located detailing far more of Gendron’s plans and preparations to kill as many Blacks in Buffalo as he could.

The document is 589 pages long.

According to law enforcement professionals, one of the most troubling revelations in the document is that Gendron planned to attack three different locations on Saturday. He believed that he could kill as many as three dozen Blacks by doing so.

Additionally, Gendron made several reconnaissance trips to Buffalo and, during one trip, was acting so suspiciously at the grocery store he eventually attacked on Saturday that a security guard questioned him. It is unknown if the guard was the same one he killed on Saturday.

According to The Washington Post, which located the document on the messaging platform Discord before it was taken offline, Gendron detailed his encounter with the guard.

“‘I’ve seen you go in and out … What are you doing?’ the guard told Gendron on March 8, according to an account in the document. Gendron replied that he was ‘collecting consensus data’ before making excuses and leaving for his car, according to the account, adding: ‘In hindsight that was a close call.’”

The Post also reports that “The document refers to the supermarket as ‘attack area 1’ and describes two more Buffalo locations as other attack areas to ‘shoot all blacks’ during an apparent reconnaissance trip that spelled out the travel paths to each one, timing needed for each shootout and the estimate that more than three dozen people would be fatally shot in all.”


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