BREAKING: 58 Police Officers Killed

A Record-High Number of Police Officers Have Been Killed This Year

( – HAPPENING NOW: The National Fraternal Order of Police is outraged – as is every right-minded, decent American who Backs the Blue – because as we are just being informed in recent hours that a record-high number of law enforcement officers have been gunned down in the United States of America over the course of 2021. And, there’s a month left in the year.

As the conservative Washington Examiner newspaper is reporting, “This year has seen the highest number of law enforcement officers shot and killed ever — and there is still a month to go.”

Because of the grim and unacceptable statistics involving the shooting and killing of cops, the National Fraternal Order of Police blasted out a tweet, with good reason, that reads, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: More officers have been SHOT and KILLED this year than any other year—and there is one month left!”:

  • 314 Officers Have Been Shot
  • 58 Officers Have Been Killed by Gunfire
  • Ambush Attacks on Officers Are Up 126% from 2020

And, the Washington Examiner paper goes on to report, “The grim figures come as crime is surging around the nation but receiving little attention from Washington or the White House other than continued debates about funding or defunding police departments.” [emphasis added]

What do you think? What do you believe is the reason we are seeing so much violence in the United States over the last year, and why is so much violence directed at law enforcement professionals? Has the culture and society of the United States changed to make it more dangerous for the police? Is there a solution that you can think of? Please share your thoughts and opinions by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.

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