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( – The Dali ship, which caused the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge two months ago, was successfully refloated early this morning and is now headed toward the Baltimore port.

According to a source, movement of the Dali began just after 6 a.m., with a few starts and stops before it successfully navigated away from the collapse site.

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command estimated that the operation to move the ship would take at least 21 hours. They anticipated that morning’s high tide would provide the optimal conditions.

Moreover, the ship was clear of debris, and up to five tugboats escorted it while they guided the Dali at a slow pace of 1 mph over the 2.5-mile journey to the local marine terminal.

Since the accident in mid-March, which resulted in the dramatic collapse of a major regional bridge and the deaths of six construction workers, the ship had been stuck at the site.

Last week, a controlled demolition was carried out to remove a crumpled steel section from the ship, sending it into the water within seconds. This was a key phase in the extensive efforts to free the ship.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore (D) discussed the situation on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Kristen Welker. He shared that the Dali would be cleared from the bay “within days.”

In turn, Moore expressed confidence in the operation’s efficiency and highlighted that despite expectations of six to nine months, the channel would reopen by the end of May.

“And despite the fact that people said this could take six and nine months, I’m proud that we’re on track, that by the end of May, we’ll have that federal channel reopened and within days, we’re going to have that massive vessel, the Dali, out of that federal channel,” he stated.

Addressing financial concerns related to the incident, Moore assured that people who were concerned about the cost, the American people, would be made whole on this while asserting that the main focus is to get the job fast, timeless, and on budget.

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