Breaking: Capitol Protester Punished Severely by DC Judge

Jacob Chansley

( – BREAKING NOW: In what some courtroom observers and criminal defense attorneys called a shocking outcome, Jacob Chansley – who some liberals, socialists, and communists mocked by naming him the “QAnon Shaman” – just received the most severe prison sentence of any of the protesters who went to the United States Capitol on January 6th of this year to protest what they believed was a fraudulent election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

DC Federal Judge Royce Lamberth sentenced Chansley to 41 months in federal prison. Chansley has been locked up for ten months since he was arrested. He will also be on parole for three years after he is finally released.

According to the Arizona Daily Star (Chansley is from Arizona), Judge Lamberth “said Chansley’s remorse appeared to be genuine but noted the seriousness of his actions in the Capitol. ‘What you did was terrible,’ Lamberth said. ‘You made yourself the center of the riot.’

The Star also reports that Chansley admitted to “using a bullhorn to rile up the mob, offering thanks in a prayer while in the Senate for having the chance to get rid of traitors and scratching out a threatening note to Vice President Mike Pence saying, ‘It’s Only A Matter of Time. Justice Is Coming!'”

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