BREAKING: Dating Site Serial Killer Captured?

Police Believe This Shopping Cart Was Used By a Serial Killer

( ~ Has the Shopping Cart Serial Killer – also known as the Dating Site Serial Killer – finally been captured as police and the victims’ families hope?

That’s what law enforcement authorities in several communities and states are trying to determine right now. But they believe that Anthony Eugene Robinson, age 35, who they have in custody, is responsible for at least four horrific murders – possibly more – committed since last August.

Each of the murders had a similar modus operandi – a particular method by which the victims were selected and lured to deadly encounters in motel rooms – in that Robinson contacted his victims on internet dating sites. Additionally, once killed, the victims’ bodies were moved in shopping carts.

According to a piece at the Daily Beast headlined “Cops Fear Virginia Serial Killer Is Behind Spree of Dating Site Murders“:

“Authorities in Virginia believe an alleged serial killer, who they’ve dubbed the “shopping cart killer,” is responsible for the deaths of at least four people, three of whom he met on dating sites.

“Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis announced during a press conference on Friday that detectives are investigating Anthony Robinson, 35, as a “person of interest” in connection with the slayings.

“‘Our shopping cart killer does unspeakable things with his victims,’ Davis said…

“‘The commonality is how did they meet? Dating sites. How were they killed? Trauma to the body. How were they transported to their final resting place? The shopping cart. Hence, shopping cart killer.’ Davis said. ‘I don’t want to give this guy a cape, but that’s who he is. He’s a killer, he’s a serial killer.'” [emphasis added]

Alleged Serial Killer Anthony Robinson

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