BREAKING: Despised Democrat Defeated

( – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Despised by many, even within the Democrat Party, Sheila Jackson Lee, the longtime Texas Congresswoman, has been defeated in her attempt to become the Mayor of Houston.

As the National Review notes in “Sheila Jackson Lee Defeated in Bid for Houston Mayor“:

“Longtime Democratic Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was defeated in the city’s mayoral race Saturday night by Democratic state senator John Whitmire.

“After serving in Congress for almost three decades, Jackson Lee entered the Houston mayoral race in March. Whitmire’s campaign centered on combatting crime and community, and it outspent his opponent, the Associated Press reported. The two were the final contenders in Saturday’s runoff election. There were nearly 20 declared candidates in the November 7 general election.” [emphasis added]

As NR notes in its piece, Jackson Lee has a notorious temper and foul mouth, earning her the ire of many on the left and right.

“Jackson Lee’s bid was also overshadowed by a workplace scandal in October.

“Then, it was revealed that Jackson Lee had been recorded verbally abusing her staff, calling them “f***-ups” in a heated exchange with a male staffer who was not able to answer questions she had about an upcoming event…” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: For the first time in decades, Sheila Jackson Lee is no longer an elected pol, and many are happy.

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