BREAKING: Dozens Are Alive!

( – BREAKING NEWS: A senior Israeli official engaged in ongoing negotiations disclosed that dozens of the many of the 120 hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza are likely alive.

Speaking anonymously, the official confirmed, “Dozens are alive with certainty,” noting that the majority are under Hamas’s control, not other groups in the region.

The official emphasized that resolving the hostage situation is crucial for ending the conflict, warning against the potential for extended, drawn-out negotiations by stating, “We cannot leave them there for a long time; they will die.”

He further mentioned that Hamas’s demand for Israeli military withdrawal from Gaza as a precondition for negotiations remains a non-starter for Israel.

Moreover, the official explained the negotiation process involved initial talks followed by a more focused discussion on the release of male hostages, including soldiers.

He also highlighted that the Israeli government supports a deal proposed by Joe Biden, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated does not mandate a permanent ceasefire.

“We expect, and are waiting for, Hamas to say ‘yes,'” he declared while warning that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would continue to fight the terror group in Gaza in a “different” but “no less intense fashion” if it again rejects a truce deal.

Additionally, another official from Jerusalem conveyed to Ynet that Israel’s commitment to ending the hostilities hinges on the unconditional release of all captives.

This condition aligns with the ceasefire proposal sanctioned by the UN Security Council on June 10.

Despite this, Hamas has demanded an end to the conflict and a full Israeli withdrawal, while Israel maintains its objectives of defeating Hamas militarily and administratively, ensuring the return of all hostages, and securing a future where Gaza cannot threaten Israel.

The crisis traces back to Hamas’s terrorist attack on October 7 in northwestern Negev, which resulted in mass abductions and casualties, with many killed or wounded and heinous acts reported.

Of the hostages taken, 116 were captured during the October 7 attack and four earlier, including both those who are alive and deceased.


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