Breaking George Santos News


( – BREAKING NOW: In a move that may signal he knows the end of his political career is coming, United States Representative George Soros made a major announcement to his Republican colleagues today.

According to reporting by the New York Post and other sources:

Santos announced that he would step aside from two House committees amid ongoing investigations into his campaign’s fundraising practices.

In a private conference meeting, Santos told Republican lawmakers that he would not serve on the House’s Science, Space and Technology Committee and Small Business Committee until his “issues are resolved”.

Service on committees is crucial for House lawmakers to exercise their influence over legislation, and removal from committees is considered a significant blow.

Santos’ announcement came after a meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has supported his GOP member despite mounting pressure and revelations of deceit.

Santos was recently assigned to the committees despite lying about his background and identity.

The origin of the $700,000 he claimed to have loaned to his 2022 campaign is being investigated by federal authorities and the House Ethics Committee, along with reported campaign expenditures just below the itemization threshold.

Santos initially claimed that he loaned the funds to his campaign from his consulting company, Devolder Holdings LLC. Still, watchdogs pointed out that he did not report any client payments exceeding $5,000. Santos later walked back his statements and did not reveal the origin of the funds.

Lawmakers from both parties have called for Santos to resign, with a recent Siena College survey showing that 80% of his Nassau County constituents, including 71% of Republicans, feel the same way.

Santos’ deep ties to the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch are also reportedly under investigation.


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