BREAKING: GOP Candidate Quits

( – Finding himself unable to gain the necessary momentum during the night and following an abysmal fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, former businessman Vivek Ramaswamy made the strategic decision to suspend his presidential campaign.

Watch the video below.

Ramaswamy, who had been polling at an average of 4% nationally and 6.8% in Iowa, declared the suspension of his campaign and voiced his support for Donald Trump as the 2024 GOP nominee in a significant announcement to a room filled with voters.

Addressing his supporters, Ramaswamy discussed the reality of his situation with a clear sense of pragmatism, acknowledging the lack of a viable path to the presidency under the current circumstances.

“As of this movement we are going to suspend this presidential campaign,” he stated. “There is no path forward for me to be president absent things that we don’t want to see happen in this country.”

Ramaswamy’s decision to endorse Trump was a key moment in his speech. “Tonight I called Donald Trump to … congratulate him on his victory and now moving forward he will have my full endorsement for the presidency and I think we are doing the right thing for this country,” Ramaswamy affirmed. He also urged his followers to continue their support for the ‘America First’ movement.

Ramaswamy’s campaign suspension came in the wake of critical remarks from Trump, who had accused him of not being aligned with the ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) movement and engaging in deceitful campaign tactics.

Trump expressed his views on Truth Social, stating, “Vivek started his campaign as a great supporter, ‘the best President in generations,’ etc. Unfortunately, now all he does is disguise his support in the form of deceitful campaign tricks.”

The next important event in the GOP primary race is scheduled to take place in New Hampshire on January 23, 2024. This race continues to be closely watched as candidates vie for the Republican nomination in a highly competitive political landscape.