Breaking: Mass School Shooting

( – HAPPENING NOW: There’s been a mass shooting in an American school.

Three students have been shot and killed at Oxford High School in Michigan.

Six other individuals have been injured. At least one of those is a teacher.

Police said the alleged gunman, a 15-year-old sophomore at the school, was taken into custody within five minutes of the 911 calls reporting the shooting. A handgun believed to have been used has been recovered.

The shooter’s name has not been publicly released.

No motive is known at this point, and the suspect has requested an attorney.

Police are still searching the building, but there is no other suspect at this time.

911 operators received more than 100 calls from terrified students and school personnel as the shooting was underway.

The suspect was taken into custody within five minutes of the initial 911 calls, but three students were already dead.

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