BREAKING NOW: Biden Backs Down From Iran

( – Following a recent terrorist attack targeting U.S. assets stationed abroad, the Biden administration has decided it will not retaliate against Iran for killing three and injuring 25 American troops.

In a recent appearance on NBC’s Today, John Kirby, the spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that the United States is not seeking to escalate tensions in the Middle East.

Kirby stated, “We are not looking for war with Iran,” and added that while attacks continue to happen, the U.S. is exploring its options. He said the U.S. desires stability and security in the Middle East.

The Biden administration confirmed that Iran-back militant groups from Syria and Iraq conducted the drone attack.

However, Republicans are urging Biden to take decisive action against Iran. Senator Tom Cotton criticized Biden for his weak response to previous attacks and mercy toward Iran. Cotton believes that only a strong military response will be effective, targeting Iran’s forces both within the country and across the Middle East.

Senator Lindsey Graham shared this sentiment, highlighting that the Biden administration’s attempts to deter Iran have been unsuccessful. He called for strikes inside Iran to prevent future aggressions.

“The only thing the Iranian regime understands is force. Until they pay a price with their infrastructure and their personnel, the attacks on U.S. troops will continue,” Graham added.

Similarly, Representative Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called for significant changes. He stated that U.S. policy should focus on protecting national security interests in the Middle East. He and other Republicans believe that the current approach has only encouraged Iran’s proxies.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Tim Scott also voiced their concerns. McConnell is waiting for a sign of strength from Biden, saying, “The entire world now watches for signs that the president is finally prepared to exercise American strength to compel Iran to change its behavior.”

Meanwhile, Scott called for an end to the Biden administration’s soft stance toward Iran. He wants terrorists held accountable for their actions.