Breaking Report: 25 Shot, 6 Dead

( – The seemingly never-ending and deadly carnage in Chicago continued this Halloween weekend. And, Chicagoans are speaking out more than ever about how they are at their wits end when it comes to bullets flying through the air as bodies pile up in the streets.

As we went to press, WLS-TV Chicago, the local Chicago ABC television network, was reporting that so far they are aware of 25 people having been shot, and six of those 25 are dead. Numerous victims remain in critical condition, with several in jeopardy of joining the six who have passed away.

Even a casual glance at WLS-TV’s homepage tells the story of how bad this weekend – like almost every other weekend in Chicago – has been.

Here are just a few of the gory headlines this weekend:

  • Flossmoor Shooting Leaves 4 Shot Halloween Weekend, Police Say
  • Over a Dozen Hurt, 2 Killed in Shooting at Halloween Party, Officials Say
  • Grieving Mother Goes Door-To-Door in Search of Shooter Who Shot, Killed 4-Year-Old

And, as mentioned at the outset of this report, increasingly, Chicagoans are venting their displeasure with the hard-left Democrats at the top of Chicago’s political and governing establishment. Hard-left Democrats who have completely and utterly failed to safeguard the citizens of Chicago by bringing an end to the daily shootings and bloodshed that plagues a once-proud American city.

In a news report headlined “Downtown Shootings up 220%, Biggest Spike in City: ‘People Are Fed Up,'” the Chicago Sun-Times quoted 2nd Ward City Alderman Brian Hopkins, who stated, “I think we’re at the tipping point right now. People are fed up. I’m fed up.”

Clearly, the frustration in Chicago is palpable. The question is, will the Democrats in charge ever restore order to the city?

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