BREAKING: Supreme Court Delivers Huge 2nd Amendment Victory

Concealed Carry Handgun

( – While Senate Republicans are attempting to pass gun control legislation that would restrict the Second Amendment rights of Americans, the United States Supreme Court bolstered those rights by delivering a huge victory today to citizens looking to defend themselves from criminals on the streets of America.

As Breitbart notes in “Supreme Court Strikes Down New York’s Proper Cause Requirement for Concealed Carry”:

“The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled 6-3 on June 23 that New York’s proper cause requirement for concealed carry permit issuance is unconstitutional…

“The case ultimately dealt with the scope of the Second Amendment — whether the right to keep and bear arms applies only in the home or outside the home as well.”

The Court ruled that the right applies in public — outside the home — as well.

“The immediate impact of the June 23 ruling is that New York’s proper cause requirement is struck down. What is yet to be seen is how this decision will impact other states–like California and New Jersey, both of which have concealed carry issuance guidelines similar to New York’s proper cause requirement–and whether the success of NYSRPA .v Bruen leads to suits against those states as well.”

Bottom line: The United States Supreme Court has now definitively ruled that Americans have a constitutional right to carry concealed firearms for self-defense outside their homes.