BREAKING: Trump Announces Decision

( – BREAKING NEWS: In a late-breaking announcement on the eve of his expected testimony in New York City tomorrow, former President Donald Trump has stated that he will not testify — even though on Friday his attorney said he would.

Specifically, Trump, in a sudden reversal just a short while ago, declared his intention not to testify in his defense at the ongoing New York civil fraud trial, a case that poses a significant risk to his real estate empire.

In a statement, Trump said, “I have already testified to everything & have nothing more to say other than this is a complete & total election interference (Biden campaign!) witch hunt that will do nothing but keep businesses out of New York.” This comment was made in anticipation of his expected appearance in court on Monday, as per the plans of his legal team.

Trump, aged 77, had been scheduled to provide testimony once more as a key witness in his defense against allegations raised by New York Attorney General Letitia James. James asserts that Trump significantly overstated his financial assets to secure more favorable terms for loans and insurance.

Contentious exchanges marked his previous court appearance last month. Trump and his legal team repeatedly clashed with Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, who presides over this bench trial.

Additionally, in an unexpected move, Trump briefly took the stand in October. This occurred when Justice Engoron sought to question him regarding potential breaches of a restricted gag order. This order prohibits Trump and his attorneys from discussing matters related to the judge’s court staff.

Throughout the 42-day duration of the trial, Trump has been present for eight days. Unlike in a criminal trial, his attendance is not mandatory.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, was also anticipated to return to the stand in the defense’s case after previously testifying for the Attorney General’s team. However, like his father, he did not testify as initially planned.

An expert witness for Trump’s defense, Eli Bartov, a New York University accounting professor, testified last week. He is expected to conclude his testimony on Tuesday.

Trump was present in court last Thursday to hear Bartov’s testimony. Bartov asserted to the court that there was no evidence of any accounting fraud and claimed that James’ case lacks merit.


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