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( – BREAKING NOW: In a stunning video recorded just moments ago in the White House, Joe Biden was recorded muttering in a way that some indicate is consistent with how a patient undergoing a stroke will often appear and behave.

You can watch the full video clip further down this post and witness the behavior and speech of Biden for yourself.

Political operatives who’ve reviewed the video are stunned at how incoherent Biden was – even as he was attempting to read from notes in a notebook that you can clearly see is open in front of him as he mumbles.

Watch how the woman to his right (video left) is just looking at Biden and seemingly wondering what is going on and if she should step in and help Biden.

Please watch the video below and email [email protected] with your reaction to how Biden is acting and speaking. Does he appear normal to you? Should the country be concerned that this is the man who was appointed to be in charge? Please share your thoughts.

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