BREAKING VIDEO: Emergency Declared For ‘Unprecedented Surge’ of Illegals


( – HAPPENING NOW: Proving in no uncertain terms that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have completely and utterly failed to protect the United States of America from an invasion of illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border, one city has now declared a state of emergency because of the “unprecedented surge” of illegals inundating its neighborhoods and ranches.

In a news release, Yuma, Arizona Mayor Douglas Nicholls notes, in part (watch the video below):

A significant number of migrants are entering the Yuma area and federal agency personnel are struggling to manage the flow of migrants in the community and at federal facilities. Within the last five days, there have been reports of over 6,000 migrants crossing from Mexico into the United States traveling through the Yuma area. The U. S. Customs and Border Protection reports the number of migrant encounters have increased by 2,647 percent since Oct. 1.” [emphasis added by Right Is Right]

Here is the mayor in his own words:

What do you think? What is your opinion? Please email us at [email protected] and share your thoughts and opinions about the staggering number of illegal aliens that are swarming across the Mexican border into the United States of America. In your opinion, can the United States consider itself a sovereign nation when the border is so open and porous that anyone from any country can quickly enter the United States? Have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris completely failed at protecting the country’s southern border from illegal immigration? Why or why not? Thank you, and have a great weekend.

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