BREAKING VIDEO: Hillary Announces Election Plans

Hillary Rodham Clinton

( – If anyone thought failed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to slink away from politics after her stunning defeat at the hands of former President Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, Clinton just made it clear she’s back in the political game.

You can watch the video of Clinton’s announcement a bit further down this post.

While it’s hard to imagine how an endorsement from Clinton – one of the most despised politicians in American history – would benefit any Democrat candidate, Clinton believes she can once again take on the Republican Party and even Trump.

Standing before the New York States Democratic Convention, Clinton at one point said of Republicans with the shouting screech she’s infamous for:

“They will do nothing to invest in our schools or make college more affordable. They’ll ban books but do nothing about guns. They’ll make it harder for people to vote but easier for big corporations to bust unions. They’ll let polluters trash our environment and let Donald Trump trash our democracy. That’s why I intend to work my heart out to elect Democrats up and down the ticket this November.”

Of course, as we noted above, given that the last time Clinton ran for office she got shellacked by a man who had never run for political office before, it is hard to see why any Democrat would want the endorsement of Hillary.

Please watch the video of Clinton below and share your opinion about her NY emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.