BREAKING VIDEO: Huge Explosion; Hundreds of Victims

( – In a tragic incident that shook the country’s capital to its core, a massive gas explosion killed a child, two adults and injured around 300 others in Nairobi, Kenya, with more casualties expected to be discovered.

Specifically, chaos erupted when a gas-carrying truck blew up, unleashing a towering inferno in the Embakasi district with flames skyrocketing and homes, shops and vehicles destroyed.

Watch the video below.

Besides spitting out flames the blast sent a gas cylinder flying into a warehouse. Then it exploded and created a blaze that devoured it and damaged other properties and vehicles. Nearby residents got trapped in their homes as the fire spread.

Initially the cause of the explosion was confusing, which prompted officials to blame it on a gas plant mishap. It was later revealed that the explosion happened in a lot where the truck was parked.

Although regulatory authorities labeled the gas plant as illegal and denied it permits due to safety concerns and for being close to a densely populated area it still continued its operations.

The explosion left a trail of destruction including a dozen trucks charred beyond recognition and a vehicle that caused significant damage after it was thrown into an apartment block.

Authorities quickly sealed off the scene and launched a probe to figure out the causes of the disaster. However, a BBC report says security at the scene was not tight enough, which led to the arrest of a guard.

Hospitals were swamped with victims and several injured children following the incident. Nairobi’s Mayor mentioned that a handful of people are grappling with severe wounds in other medical centers while many others have already been discharged.

Eyewitnesses shared upsetting tales of the blast, telling how gas cylinders and even a shipping container launched into the air. Victims also narrated their escape from the flames, with one woman describing how she could not help another woman who caught on fire and a man sharing how he was able to narrow escape from a fiery gas canister.

Rescue teams have since managed to contain the fire and are now looking for survivors or victims through the debris.