Breathtaking Rescue Caught on Video

Red light

( – In a dramatic and heroic rescue, a crane operator saved a worker stranded on a roof adjacent to a raging fire.

Watch the video below.

The incident, which occurred during morning hours, attracted significant attention, especially on social media, where a video showcasing the daring rescue elicited applause from onlookers.

Glen Edwards, the crane operator, described the rescue as a “very close call,” complicated by unpredictable winds. “I looked out my left-hand window and saw a guy standing on the corner of the building,” recounted Edwards.

He urgently maneuvered the crane, battling the swirling winds to position the cage between the worker and the flames. “But I got the cage down and I managed to get him in there,” he said, highlighting the tense moments of the operation.

The fire, characterized by thick black smoke, was eventually extinguished by the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Group Manager Chris Hearn disclosed that another individual was also rescued using a crane during the incident. The South Central Ambulance Service reported that two people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, though neither case was severe.

Local authorities advised residents and businesses to avoid the area, remain indoors, and shut windows. The fire response involved over 50 firefighters, an air ambulance, and an incident command unit.

Eyewitness accounts provided vivid descriptions of the scene. Tom Canning, who was heading to a meeting, noticed massive plumes of smoke emanating from the development. “The crane operator was just incredibly brave to rescue that worker,” he remarked.

Steve Reynolds, working nearby, witnessed a black cloud and flames, noting the dangerous situation of the trapped worker amid falling glass. The crowd’s relief and admiration were palpable as they cheered the worker’s rescue.

Peter, a local cafe owner, described the fire as “really quite dramatic,” leading him to evacuate his customers swiftly. Bystander Aaron labeled it the “most devastating thing” he had ever seen, concerned about the potential for the fire to shatter windows.

A representative from Redwood Consulting, speaking on behalf of the Station Hill redevelopment project, stated that emergency plans were immediately activated, and the site was evacuated, emphasizing safety as the foremost concern.