Brett Kavanaugh Under Fire for Betraying Trump Voters

Brett Kavanaugh Under Fire for Betraying Trump Voters

( – Since November, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared to be in support of President Trump’s voter base and investigating questionable voting rules put in place around the country before the 2020 election. But, a recent vote cast by Kavanaugh disappointed quite a few Conservatives as he seemingly prevented any further action on pro-Trump election lawsuits.

On Monday, March 1, Brett Kavanaugh did not join the conservative justices in their push to let the US Supreme Court hear eight election lawsuits. The Hill shares more:

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch all dissented from the majority and seemed to jab at Kavanaugh for not joining them. His three colleagues seemed ‘baffled’ and ‘befuddled’ that Kavanaugh did not believe the cases should be heard. This is a stark change from last fall when Kavanaugh voted to try and stall Pennsylvania’s new voting rules during an election case being heard.

While Kavanaugh let voters and his conservative colleagues down through this decision, the justices still have to decide on at least one more election lawsuit. This Friday, justices will decide whether or not to hear a case involving Wisconsin mail-in ballot law, and it’s likely Kavanaugh will feel great pressure from Trump supporters as they fight for future election integrity.

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