Bumbling Biden Uses Racial Slur During Speech

Joe Biden

(RightIsRight.co) – Imagine if former President Donald J. Trump referred to Black children by the racial slur, “colored children.”

Does anyone doubt for even a second that if Trump did that, the mainstream corporate media would run video clips of him saying that for the next month?

You know they would. It would lead every news broadcast in America for a week.

Yet, just yesterday, Joe Biden used that exact racial slur and then tried, in his own bumbling way, to cover by saying that’s what they were called back in his childhood.

Well, yes, they were – along with many other nasty racist slurs like the “N” word.

But, here was Biden using the phrase like he does every time he tells the same story. He almost seems to delight in using the word.

Here’s the quote from yesterday, and it took place during, of all things, the National Prayer Breakfast when Biden was telling a story about when his mother drove him to a school and saw Black children.

“I got out of the car … and I said, ‘Mom why are all those kids — it was then called colored — Why are all those colored kids in that bus?’ Because in Scranton, there wasn’t any, there were very few blacks. Said, ‘They’re not allowed to go to school with us here in Delaware.’ And Milton wasn’t what you might call the epicenter of desegregation.” [emphasis added]

Again, here’s the thing. Biden has told this story dozens of times. And yet, he seems intent on constantly referring to the children as “colored.”

What do you think about Biden using the term “colored” to refer to Black children? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion. Thank you, and have a good weekend.