Buzz Aldrin Reacts to Mars Landing

Buzz Aldrin Reacts to Mars Landing

( – Fifty-two years ago, Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, following fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong during their Apollo 11 mission. Now, in 2021, he was able to watch the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) latest accomplishment.

On February 18, NASA’s Perseverance rover landed in the Jezero Crater on Mars. After finishing its seven-month-long journey, the rover will collect samples in hopes of returning them to earth for further study. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin shared his excitement surrounding the occasion on Twitter:

During a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto on Saturday, February 20, Aldrin commended “all the folks at NASA” including team leaders and members, “and especially those in the control room at JPL” (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Aldrin continues to hope and push for a manned program to the red planet, although that’s still a few years off.

But, looking back at the leaps and bounds we’ve made in space exploration in this lifetime, every American can dream big about what can happen in the next lifetime.

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