California Governor Is Vacationing WHERE?

Gavin Newsom

( – Is California Gavin Newsom a hypocrite? Did he violate the very policies and procedures he makes everyone else in his state follow? Or does he get a pass for his actions because what he did was outside of state business?

That’s what many of California’s residents, government employees,  and political pundits are asking after it was discovered that Newsom went to Montana for his summer vacation — a location he evidently tried to keep secret from his constituents and the press.

Why does it matter that he went to Montana?

According to many of his constituents and political experts, it matters because, as Emily Hoeven — who writes the daily WhatMatters newsletter on California policy & politics for the CalMatters publication — notes, “Montana is one of 22 states to which CA bans state-funded travel due to anti-LGBTQ+ policies. It’s also likely to institute an abortion ban.”

In other words, Newsom escaped to Montana, a state where he prevents his employees from traveling on state business and a state with policies that Newsom diametrically opposes.

Here is the full tweet from Hoeven:

What is your opinion about California Governor Gavin Newsom vacationing in Montana? In your opinion, is Newsom a hypocrite? Why or why not? Please share your reaction and thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you, and have a great day.