Candace Owens Sued for $20,000,000

Candace Owens Sued for $20,000,000

( – Social media is a fascinating tool where videos can go viral in a matter of minutes. In June, conservative commentator Candace Owens shared a video on Instagram attacking former Republican congressional candidate Kim Klacik, who ran to represent Maryland’s 7th Congressional District in both the April 2020 special election and the November election. However, Klacik is now suing Owens for $20 million for what she claims is damage to her reputation.

On June 22, Owens went live on Instagram, accusing Klacik of campaign fraud, drug use, and money laundering. Owens also highlighted how Klacik’s husband, Jeffrey Thomas Klacik, owns a strip club and shared photos of Klacik spending time there.

The Baltimore Sun shared more about the lawsuit on Twitter:

Klacik’s lawyer Jacob Frenkel filed the suit in the Baltimore County Circuit Court. It claims that because of the false accusations made in the video, Klacik ”lost a book deal, had politicians cancel fundraising appearances with her and lost a contract with a nationally recognized vendor.” Frenkel finished by saying that attacks on one’s character have “no place in political dialogue.”

Klacik issued multiple statements denying Owen’s accusations, but the two conservative female leaders continue to fight over the truth and what they can say on social media. As Americans watch this play out, they’ll likely be closely watching the character of each of these women as this moves through the courts.

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