Cat Disrupts Major League Baseball Game, Crowd Chants ‘MVP’

Cat Disrupts Major League Baseball Game, Crowd Chants 'MVP'

( – Silly mascots or fun games on the jumbotron often distract sports fans, but the latest notable disruption to an MLB game came from a furry feline friend. After the cat took the field, fans rallied behind the creature, cheering it on as it evaded its many captors.

During the Monday, August 2 game between the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, a little tabby cat made an appearance during the eighth inning. The Orioles were up by six when the cat ran by Baltimore’s left fielder Ryan McKenna. The feline quickly outran every official that tried to catch it, bringing the audience to roaring laughter.

The fans then began chanting, “Let’s go, cat!” and “MVP! MVP!” as it continued its escapades around Yankee stadium. Over three and a half minutes later, the cat finally left the field near third base.

One American highlighted the Yankees’ track record since their feline friend showed up:

After a delay of a few minutes, the Orioles finished the night with a 7-1 win over the Yankees. While stadium officials will likely scoot off stray cats before any future games, this little creature sure made many fans smile and brought much-needed laughter to all.

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