Cat Reunited with Owner After Missing for Six Years

Cat Reunited with Owner After Missing for Six Years

( – There’s a special bond between owners and their pets. To lose one’s cat, dog, or other furry friend is something no one would wish on anyone else, as the pain is often unbearable. But, for one Massachusetts woman who thought she would never see her favorite cat again after losing him six years ago, the impossible happened — he turned up.

The week of July 19, a veterinarian from Wakefield, Massachusetts phoned Margaret Kudzma, whose contact information was found in the microchip of a gray and white cat brought into his practice due to an ear mite infestation.

It turns out Kudzma’s cat Mini Max had jumped out of her third-floor condo in 2015 after finding a loose screen in a window. Despite Kudzma’s search efforts, which included posters, newspaper ads, and online posts, she eventually gave up on finding him. Kudzma went on to open her own nonprofit rescue group in 2016.

Just 11 miles away, however, Mini Max had been taken in by a family who provided him with food. They eventually took him to the vet who found the microchip and reunited the pair.

Even Newsweek picked up this heartwarming story:

There’s nothing like a reunited pet and owner story to brighten your day. Not only is Mini Max back at home now, but he also has a myriad of foster kittens in his home to keep him company, something he actually inspired with his disappearance years ago.

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