Cat Saved From Second Level Stadium Fall by Fans in Epic Way

Cat Saved From Second Level Stadium Fall by Fans in Epic Way

( – College football draws some interesting characters to its games, so spectators never quite know what they might see. During a showdown between the Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State Mountaineers in Miami, fans worked together to catch a cat that was dangling from the stadium’s upper levels.

On Saturday, September 11, football fans at the Hard Rock Stadium brought an American flag and team flags to the game to cheer on their favorites. Little did they know, however, they would soon use these flags to save a cat’s life.

When fans saw the cat clinging to netting on the upper level of the stadium, they quickly spread flags out as landing pads. Eventually, the cat’s first paw detached, leaving it dangling by only a few nails. Then, it fell.

The feline bounced off of the American flag onto a University of Miami flag right next to it, where it was then held by fans who triumphantly celebrated its safe landing.

One Twitter account that compiles the best stories from Dade County, Florida shared footage of the perilous situation:

Miami ended up winning the game 25-23, and coach Manny Diaz told reporters afterward that he would happily give the cat a scholarship if it would help them with their “red zone offense.” The stadium made a donation to the Miami Humane Society and encouraged fans to do the same. Hopefully, this furry friend keeps its four paws on the ground for its next eight lives.

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