China Performs Rectal COVID Tests On US Diplomats Despite Agreement Not To

China Performs Rectal COVID Tests On US Diplomats Despite Agreement Not To

( – As the healthcare industry raced to make effective COVID-19 tests, there were a variety of options put forth. While most countries use a simple yet slightly uncomfortable nose swab, China has now chosen to use rectal swabs on its citizens and incoming travelers as they believe these swabs are more accurate at showing an infection. But, this incredibly invasive and undignified test has not gone without controversy.

China Breaks Its Promise

On Wednesday, February 24, a State Department employee spoke with Vice World News about US diplomats who were forced to take an anal swab COVID-19 test, despite a previous agreement between the two countries that they would not be used.

The spokesperson did not say how many diplomats received the tests, but that they were reported directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The spokesperson also told Vice that China said the tests were given “in error.” However, on Thursday, February 25, Beijing spokesman Zhao Lijian said that as far as he knew, US Diplomats were “never required” to take a rectal swab test.

China’s Ongoing Misdealings With COVID-19

China is the only country that’s resorted to using the undignified anal swab test. Their deceit around giving it to US diplomats only adds to their history of lying about COVID-19 and their constant push back against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigations into the origins of the virus.

As WHO-sponsored scientists recently wrapped up their fact-finding mission to the communist country, they were able to learn more about the history of the virus, although much is still shrouded in mystery. But, they did find that 92 people were hospitalized near Wuhan in October 2019 with symptoms similar to that of COVID-19, and approximately one-third of them died.

These facts go against the narrative the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has put forth declaring that the virus only began in December 2019.

Privacy and Dignity Are Not in China’s Playbook

Even a short dive into China’s actions against its own citizens will show that the CCP rarely grants anyone privacy or dignity. Whether it’s religious persecution, book burning, or forcing rectal swabs on US citizens, the country often tries to break down any sense of human dignity and personal freedom when it can.

These stories remind us to remain ever grateful for the freedoms we experience every day in this country.

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