Chris Christie Slams Republicans Who Defend Donald Trump

Chris Christie and Donald Trump

( – Not that he gets much respect from most Republicans, but former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have just guaranteed the GOP will never support him again after he slammed Trump and Republicans who support Trump.

As the conservative New York Post recounts in “Chris Christie mocks’ disaster’ Donald Trump at upstate biz conference“:

“Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got lots of laughs at the expense of ex-President Donald Trump while lamenting the current state of national politics at an upstate business convention Thursday night.

“‘We have a former president of the United States who [went] on national television last night and said ‘I declassified the documents thinking about it,” Christie said, mocking Trump’s defense against allegations that he illegally took classified documents from the White House.

“‘Imagine all I could have accomplished if I only knew that I didn’t actually have to do it. I just had to think about it — this is a credible candidate for 2024,’ Christie, a two-term governor and former US attorney, added to laughter.” [emphasis added]

Then, Christie went after members of the Republican Party who defend and support Trump.

“‘There is a sector of our party, which cannot find themselves genetically unable to not defend Donald Trump,’ Christie said…’ This is a disaster. It’s bad for the country.'”

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