Cities Taking Action Ahead of George Floyd Case

Cities Taking Action Ahead of George Floyd Case

( – The May 2020 death of George Floyd was the spark that lit the fire under the Black Lives Matter movement last year. Now, as the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged with Floyd’s death, comes to an end, cities across the US are preparing for likely civil unrest that could follow a verdict.

Beginning Wednesday, April 21, Minneapolis public schools will be moving to virtual learning as protests in their city are likely to occur. In downtown Minneapolis, at least 3,000 National Guardsmen will keep the city secure as the city awaits the verdict. According to CNN, razor wire fences are being added to many police buildings as a deterrent should riots break out.

Similarly, cities like Atlanta, New York, and Washington, DC are making plans to allow peaceful protests while protecting citizens and property. Baltimore’s WJZ News shares more:

The trial of Derek Chauvin is one of the most widely watched trials in years, and the verdict will likely send shockwaves across our nation, no matter which way it goes. It’s times like these where we must be thankful for our court system, a trial by a jury of our peers, and for our right to peacefully protest. It’s on these foundations that our country can grow through the challenges to become a better nation for future generations.

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