CNN Finally Admits What Is Obvious To Americans


( – Will wonders never cease! It only took 14 months after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were put in office for CNN to finally — finally! — admit what every right-thinking American knows: Illegal aliens are surging into the United States of America like never before in history.

And CNN is finally acknowledging that the tidal wave of illegals will grow this spring.

As the kids say, “Duh!”

As the Daily Wire notes in” ‘Record-Breaking Surge Of Migrants’: CNN Admits Crisis Coming On Border“:

“On Friday, CNN admitted that there will likely be a ‘record-breaking surge of migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border this spring.’

“Host Brianna Keilar started by intoning, ‘New this morning: U.S. Officials are scrambling to prepare for a record-breaking surge of migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border this spring. In a CNN exclusive interview, the Chief of Border Patrol says he is bracing for a staggering 8,000 apprehensions a day.’

“Keilar commented to CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez, ‘That is a huge number.'” [emphasis added]

Yes, Brianna Keilar, that is a huge number.

And, Brianna, anyone who has been paying attention — isn’t that your job? — knows there has been a HUGE NUMBER of illegals pouring across the southern border ever since Biden and Harris were placed in office.

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