CNN Reveals Joe Biden Lied to America

CNN Reveals Joe Biden Lied to America

( – Mainstream media usually defends President Joe Biden’s words and actions, even when they get a bit mixed up. But, in a surprising move, CNN called out Biden this week for lying to Americans about support for his infrastructure plan.

On Wednesday, May 5, President Biden spoke about his American Rescue Plan, which would allocate $2 trillion to boost America’s “infrastructure.” However, while trying to conjure up support for the bill, Biden noted that the five prior “leaders of the Fed” believe the plan will “grow the economy.” However, CNN’s Daniel Dale called the president out on his blatant lie:

According to the White House, Biden was actually referring to a Washington Post article written by five prior leaders of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) not leaders of the Federal Reserve (only three of whom are still alive) who said the plan would shrink the current tax gap. But, the article and its writers failed to pledge full support for the entire plan.

While Biden often fumbles over his words, this mixup was clearly untrue, highly embarrassing and simply made to try and conjure up support for his radical spending spree. Thankfully the media caught this mixup, but what else has Biden lied about that has not been caught?

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