CNN Sees Half Its Audience Leave in Less Than 3 Months

( – It turns out that most of the traffic to left-leaning mainstream media over the past four years was not due to solid journalism or groundbreaking stories. Instead, it was the seemingly endless attacks on former President Donald Trump and his family that somehow kept them afloat. However, since leaving office and letting President Joe Biden run the country for a bit, CNN has seen nearly two-thirds of its audience leave.

Nielsen Research Reports CNN’s Latest Ratings

In May, Nielsen Media Research pooled data on viewership for major cable news channels. The results showed that CNN lost 67% of its viewers since January, when President Trump left office. Comparatively, Fox News only lost around 12% of viewers during the same time and MSNBC lost about 49% of viewers.

Similarly, the viewership of CNN host Jake Tapper’s show “The Lead” lost 75% of its audience in a similar timeframe. The show averaged 2.8 million viewers in January but only had an average of 706,000 during the first three weeks of June. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared his own thoughts on why CNN’s ratings have taken such a hit:

CNN’s Loss of Credibility Over the Years

Aside from the fact that many American’s are over the Left’s constant spouting of anti-Trump rhetoric, many viewers have also seen mainstream media spinning false facts on air. For example, CNN and MSNBC were adamant that the theory that COVID-19 could have been leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China was a lie — until just recently. Similarly, the New York Times reported that a Capitol police officer was killed by a Trump supporter with a fire extinguisher, but that was quickly disproven by the coroner’s report provided shortly after.

Americans are tired of being lied to by news outlets like CNN. As a result, reliable news sources that report the facts without spin and bias have grown and benefited over the past few months as more Americans choose to watch and read them. This shift was reflected in the Neilson ratings that showed how Fox News kept the top spot for cable news viewers for the 14th week in a row. The conservative network held 2.1 million viewers during primetime and overall had 1.2 million viewers each day.

Patriotic, Conservative Americans no Longer Support CNN

Over the years, different news outlets have won and lost credibility as journalists move between them and different ownership runs the companies. Many Conservatives have become more alert to just who’s funding their news by making sure to read the news from multiple different angles and sources.

Ensuring that viewers understand the full story and are not given false information or piecemeal facts is key to providing Americans the information they need to make informed choices about politics, their nation, safety, and the world.

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