Coca-Cola’s “Woke” Stupidity Just Cost Them a Fortune


( – As some businesses try to get involved in politics, many are realizing that being “woke” doesn’t actually pay the bills. This year, Coca-Cola used boycotts, internal policy changes, and even social media campaigns to try and influence our nation’s politics. But, it turns out, this cost them quite a bit.

Coca-Cola recently stopped advertising on Facebook in an attempt to pressure the tech giant to censor President Donald Trump. The same month, the soda giant revealed a plan to penalize or completely cut ties with law firms that didn’t meet certain “diversity quotas” set by them. Soon after, the company encouraged internal diversity training to teach their employees to be “less white.”

Looking at all of these restrictive “woke” policies, it’s no surprise many Conservatives have chosen to boycott Coca-Cola. It seems now that the company is beginning to pull back some of its radical policies, realizing they hurt their bottom line. Journalist Jeff Dunetz shares more:

For many who believe that “woke” culture is crippling our nation, Coca-Cola is no longer their go-to drink. Thankfully, this right to choose what Americans do or don’t spend money on is one of the marvelous freedoms granted to citizens of this country.

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