Condi Rice’s Stark Advice on War in Ukraine

( – Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has cautioned against believing that time in the Russia – Ukraine war “is on the Ukrainian side.”

She has also insisted that the US and its allies must do all they can to demonstrate to Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he is wrong with his strategy on the war in Ukraine, in which he believes that time is on Moscow’s side.

Rice, who served as the US National Security Advisor in the first George W. Bush administration from 2001-2005, and as America’s top diplomat in the second Bush administration from 2005-2009, commented on the war in Ukraine on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.”

Her comments came after last Friday marked the first year since Putin’s Russia launched an all-out invasion of its democratic and pro-Western neighbor Ukraine in what may have been an attempt to rebuild the former Soviet and Russian empire.

In her interview on Sunday, the former US Secretary of State observed that the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden “sometimes seem[ed] to be a little bit behind” in supplying the defenders of Ukraine with the equipment and training that they need to beat back the Russians.

“But to the degree that [training and equipment] can be accelerated, I think it will help because I think we have to get away from the phrase time is on the Ukrainian side. I would be careful about that,” she declared.

“Vladimir Putin seems to believe that time is not on the Ukrainian side. He believes if he throws in the Russian way of war, mass at the problem, poor boys from Dagestan who are just kind of cannon fodder, if he engages in terrorist activities against the Ukrainian population, he’ll wear the Ukrainians down, he’ll wear us down, he’ll wear the Europeans down,” Rice elaborated.

“I don’t think that’s right. But we have to do everything that we can to convince him that it is indeed wrong,” she added.

The report notes that tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed in the war that Putin’s Russia has waged on their country.

Friday alone, which marked the invasion’s first anniversary, saw Russian bombardments that claimed the lives of three more Ukrainian civilians and wounded 19 others, according to Ukraine’s presidential office.

Marking the first year since the start of the war and reiterating America’s further solidarity with Ukraine, the Biden administration slapped new sanctions on Russia. In addition, it announced a new military aid package to Kyiv worth $2 billion.

The new US weapons package for Ukraine features additional ammunition of various types as well as electronic warfare detection equipment and weapons to destroy Russian drones.

It also includes the upgraded top-notch American kamikaze attack drones Switchblade 600.

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