Congressman: Biden Doesn’t Get It

( – Highlighting the dismal state of the American economy under the Biden-Harris administration, Representative Bryan Steil (R-WI) strongly criticized Joe Biden’s economic strategies.

During a Newsmax interview, Steil emphasized that Biden fails to grasp his policies’ detrimental effects on the average American citizen.

On the same day, Biden visited Milwaukee to promote his economic policies and tout his administration’s reported achievements in job creation. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Biden addressed former President Donald Trump’s remarks regarding illegal migration in his speech.

Biden stated, “We always believe diversity is our strength as a nation. I don’t believe as … the former president said again yesterday, that immigrants are polluting our blood.” Biden’s comments aimed to reinforce the idea that America’s strength lies in his open border strategy.

However, Congressman Steil offered a different perspective on “Newsline” before Biden’s visit. He suggested that Biden’s trip to Milwaukee should be an opportunity for him to witness firsthand the adverse consequences of his economic policies. “The president’s coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to tell people not to believe what their own eyes are showing them,” Steil remarked.

Steil argued that a true understanding of the negative impact of “Bidenomics” would come from engaging with everyday Americans, especially those struggling with rising costs. He told Biden he “should go to the grocery store and talk to customers who are paying 20% more for groceries, 17% more for everything since President Biden took office,” he said, highlighting the burden of inflation on families.

Steil continued his criticism by pointing out specific policies he believes are responsible for the current economic challenges. He mentioned the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, hostility towards domestic energy production, deficit-bloating spending bills, and policies that disincentivize work post-pandemic. According to Steil, these actions contribute significantly to the inflationary pressures affecting Americans.