Court Documents Reveal More Allegations Against Jeffrey Epstein

Court Documents Reveal More Allegations Against Jeffrey Epstein

( – The more Americans learn about Jeffrey Epstein and his pastimes, the more disgusted we become with this man and the activities in which he engaged. The latest document dump in the Ghislaine Maxwell case came this week, detailing a myriad of disturbing scenes.

On Wednesday, January 27, 112 court documents were released surrounding the sex trafficking case of Ghislaine Maxwell. A 2016 deposition transcript details how Johanna Sjoberg, an alleged victim of Epstein’s, said that Epstein pointed out a 19-year-old girl to a friend of hers and claimed he “just took her virginity.”

Additional documents depict scenes where Maxwell and Epstein allegedly encouraged women to participate in sexual acts with and for them. Many of the documents are quite incriminating, which is likely why Maxwell pushed for intense redactions. Journalist Ben Wieder shares more:

The abhorrent acts of both Epstein and Maxwell continue to come to light as more details of their sex trafficking ring are uncovered. At this point, we must trust in the incredible United States justice system to bring out both the truth and the necessary consequences.

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