Cuomo Bombshell: BOTH Brothers Are In Trouble Now!

Andrew and Chris Cuomo

( – HAPPENING NOW: Just as most right-minded Americans suspected, infamous CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo was far more involved in trying to use his position at CNN to cover up the alleged sexual assaults and sexual harassment his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was engaged in while still in office.

In fact, Chris Cuomo was so deeply involved in the attempted cover-up and efforts to protect his high-powered, elitist liberal politician brother that even insiders at CNN are calling on the network to fire Cuomo.

As reported by CNBC in a bombshell expose, “CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources in the media world to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment, according to documents released Monday by the New York Attorney General’s Office.”

Based on the documents that were released (some of which have redactions of key names), including real-time communications he was having with his brother’s staff in the governor’s office, Chris Cuomo used his position of power at CNN to obtain information about the women Andrew Cuomo is alleged to have harassed and even assaulted. As one key paragraph in the CNBC article notes:

Chris Cuomo told investigators that he engaged with what he described as “sources” regarding the various allegations against his brother that were described in at least one news article, according to the records. He also said he talked to his sources about yet-to-be-published stories from media outlets.”

For examples of the communications and more of CNBC’s bombshell report, click HERE.

What do you think? Please email us at [email protected] and share your opinions about Chris and Andrew Cuomo. Do you think CNN should fire Chris Cuomo for using his position and sources there “to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment”? Should law enforcement authorities arrest Chris Cuomo and charge him with obstruction of justice? Do you believe the Cuomos are a crime family? Why or why not?

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