‘Delusional’ To Think Biden Can Do THIS?!

(RightIsRight.co) – Highlighting a growing rift within the Democratic Party, Democratic Representative Dean Phillips from Minnesota openly questioned Joe Biden’s capability to defeat former President Donald Trump in a forthcoming election, labeling such beliefs as “delusional.”

In a recent tweet, Phillips referenced a Politico report, drawing attention to Biden’s waning popularity in several polls, including those conducted by NBC News, Quinnipiac, Fox News, and Morning Consult.

Phillips, who holds a position in the House Democratic Leadership, expressed his previous support for Biden in his tweet: “As a member of House Democratic Leadership, I supported and promoted the Biden agenda. I campaigned for him, voted for him, and respect him. But how can anyone read this and conclude he’s positioned to defeat Donald Trump?”

He concluded his tweet with a stark assessment: “It’s delusional.”

This statement from Phillips comes as he himself threw his hat into the ring late last month, announcing his intention to challenge Biden. His concerns are rooted in Biden’s advanced age and declining ability to secure a victory in the 2024 election. Phillips is not alone in his challenge; author and self-help expert Marianne Williamson has also declared her candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

Adding to the challenges facing Biden are concerns about his physical health and agility. Biden has experienced several falls, including one at the Air Force Academy in June 2021, a biking accident in June 2022, and multiple stumbles on the stairs of Air Force One. These incidents have prompted adjustments in how Biden boards the VC-25 aircraft utilized as Air Force One.

Complicating the political landscape further, Biden is contending with challenges from third-party candidates advocating more liberal policies. Notable among them are environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and academic Cornel West, who are both running as independents. Additionally, Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2016, has announced her intention to seek the party’s nomination once more in 2024.