Dem Senator Gets Bad News – Video

( – The competition for a position in the Senate is fierce, and there’s one Democrat in the sights of a prominent candidate.

Eric Hovde, a businessman, is now officially running for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, setting his sights on the position currently held by Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

After months of speculation and support from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Hovde took to social media to announce his candidacy. In a post, he highlighted the drive to bring common sense solutions to what he sees as major challenges facing the country.

“Our country is facing enormous challenges — our economy, our health care, crime and open borders. Everything is going in the wrong direction. All Washington does is divide us, and talk about who’s to blame, and nothing gets done. That’s not the country I know and love,” Hovde expressed in his video message. This sentiment is the bedrock of his plan to “restore America.”

Hovde is not new to the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin. In 2012, he ran for the GOP primary but lost to Tommy Thompson. Now, as a financial world player with a background in job creation through his work in the investment banking and real estate industries, he’s taking another shot. He’s known too for his work outside the market, having founded a non-profit committed to helping underprivileged children and funding research into Multiple Sclerosis.

NRSC Chairman Steve Daines has thrown strong support behind Hovde’s bid, stating, “Eric Hovde’s experience as a job creator rather than a career politician makes him a strong candidate to flip Wisconsin’s Senate seat this year.”

On the other hand, current senator Tammy Baldwin responded to Hovde’s claim to the field. She took to social media for support, writing, “It’s official: Republican megamillionaire & California bank owner Eric Hovde is running against me for Wisconsin’s Senate seat. This will be my most competitive and expensive race yet. I need your help to fight back. Donate now.”

Baldwin has yet to give an additional comment to the news beyond her declared speech for campaign rallies.

You can check Hovde’s campaign video HERE: