Democrat Governor Exposes Biden’s Border Lie

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

On Sunday, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul expressed strong criticisms towards House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans, emphasizing the nine from New York. She stated that despite their continuous objections about immigration, they haven’t made efforts to collaborate with President Joe Biden on addressing a border that, in her view, is currently too porous.

Speaking on CBS News’s “Face the Nation,” the Democratic Governor stressed the importance of regulating border crossings. She mentioned how many people worldwide manage to pass through by merely claiming asylum, with a significant number eventually populating New York City’s streets. This, she stated, has become a pressing concern for the city.

Highlighting the massive influx of “125,000 new arrivals,” she pointed out the subsequent strain on the state’s resources. However, she also took a moment to express New York’s pride in being home to the Statue of Liberty, underscoring the state’s longstanding history of embracing immigrants. But she also emphasized the necessity for establishing certain restrictions.

Governor Hochul urged Congress to implement stricter border measures and cautioned against any moves to reduce Border Patrol forces. She emphasized the need to bolster these numbers instead, urging Congress to refocus on their responsibilities.

Furthermore, Governor Hochul broached the subject of reviewing the procedures surrounding FEMA reimbursement in light of recent severe weather events. The past week’s heavy rainfall, which disrupted transportation systems like the subways and even parts of LaGuardia Airport due to flooding, was a focal point.

She spoke about the current process that involves local counties and boroughs calculating the damage costs to meet the minimum threshold for FEMA eligibility. This, in her view, needs revisiting, especially considering the frequency of recent extreme weather events, including an event she described as a “1,000-year storm.”

Governor Hochul emphasized the essential role of federal support in enhancing the state’s capacity to adapt and recover. She also shed light on the significant rescues and other expenses incurred during these calamities, insisting that these should be covered by the federal government. She ended by expressing her disappointment with certain Republican Congressional members who seem to waver on supporting disaster relief, calling such a stance out of touch given the ongoing challenges presented by climate change.