Democrats Block Chairman’s Resignation Following Racist Attack

Democrats Block Chairman's Resignation Following Racist Attack

( – Typically, the liberal Left’s cancel culture is quick to nix anything or anyone who says something contrary to their radical “woke” agenda. But, after a white Texas Democratic chairman used a racial slur against Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), the Democrat party showed its hypocrisy and would not even accept his resignation.

Last week, Lamar County Democrat chairman Gary O’Connor called Senator Scott an “oreo” in a personal post on Facebook. The term is typically used to demean a black person who is believed to be acting like a stereotypical white person. Understandably, the chairman resigned from his post and noted his word choice was “insensitive.” But, rather than accepting the resignation, the Lamar County Democratic Party chose not to.

Latino newsgroup El American highlighted how this story would have played out if the party roles were reversed:

If a Republican had used the same term to describe a Democrat, mainstream media would likely have plastered the story on every headline demanding a resignation. But, instead, this Democrat who has acknowledged his racist remarks will continue serving his country as if nothing had happened.

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