Democrats Caught Transporting Migrants Where?

Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is sending migrants from sanctuary city to a hotel in suburban Rockland County, New York, in a move the County’s top official claims the community is “not equipped to handle,” describing the transfer of migrants as an “unfortunate passing of the buck.”

In a statement on Facebook, County Supervisor Teresa Kenny explained that Adams called her, informing her of a plan to house migrants in a “hotel in Orangetown, which I later learned was the Armoni Inn in Orangeburg.”

However, Kenny shared her belief that the issue requires a federal solution, not a local one, adding that sending migrants “to a location that is not equipped to meet their needs” betrays New York City’s oft-expressed desire to be a sanctuary for Migrants.

Adams claims Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has sent more than 57,000 immigrants to the Democratic-led sanctuary city since last fall.

Now, the Mayor appears to have moved some of the immigrants to areas around the Big Apple to offset the cost of caring for them — which he says will reach $4 billion by 2024.

On Friday (May 5), Adams announced a plan to provide temporary housing for up to 300 single adult male asylum seekers in two hotels in Orange Lake and Orangeburg.

The Armoni Inn in Rockland County is already preparing for the arrival of the migrants.

According to reporting by Fox News Digital, which cited images it had obtained, more than a dozen mattresses have been delivered to the hotel, which is to be occupied by single adults.

Adam’s decision has received backlash from New York Republicans, Rep. Mike Lawler (N.Y.), saying the Mayor shouldn’t send migrants to Rockland County to relieve pressure on New York, noting that the County isn’t a migrant sanctuary and shouldn’t “bear the costs” associated with President Joe Biden’s “failure on border security and immigration policy.”